Computerworld Wales is your ICT partner of choice in education.

There is no doubt that Education is a complex marketplace and at Computerworld Wales we take our role as suppliers very seriously.

What many resellers involved in this process fail to comprehend that schools and colleges are not simply a place where children go, but enterprises which face a range of business challenges. In certain cases schools and colleges are often one of the largest employers in a locality, and needs to be run in the same way you would as an SME business. Issues such as managing staff and budgets whilst ensuring a quality output, in this case the education of children and young people

That's why Computerworld Wales has a team of professional sales and support staff, who are all DBS Enhanced checked, and trained to cover a whole range of issues, so you can be assured of a level of understanding and competency in your dealings.

To support this we have also undertaken additional levels of technical and licencing competencies to make sure you get the best value for money available. For example to attain Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller Status (which is in addition to our Microsoft Partner status) Computerworld Wales has to meet and maintain strict criteria set by Microsoft, including specific training and examinations.