Corporate Business

Computerworld Wales is proud of its continued success in the Corporate marketplace. A success which is built on experience, expertise and a forward thinking approach to the design and implementation of network solutions. A success based on meeting delivery and implementation timescales.

More and more IT Directors are looking to build partnerships with IT suppliers with a proven track record of delivering business solutions in innovative and flexible ways. With a business professionalism and integrity which remains at the core of the value cycle to ensure quality infrastructure solutions are delivered every time.

So whether you are simply looking to source products or you wish to discuss the upgrade or enhancement of your network, or need a partner to help manage your network, Computerworld Wales is ideally suited to be your partner of choice.

Small to Medium Business

As one of the longest standing suppliers of business systems to the SME sector in Wales and the South West, Computerworld is ideally suited to work with you in developing your IT Infrastructure.

As a leading supplier of best-of-breed technology, we are focused on the needs of organisations who are looking for a supplier who they can trust to develop their infrastructure to support the business agility an SME needs to survive.

We aim to provide mid-sized organisations with an easy and cost efficient way to procure the right technology for their business. We will guide you through the technology jungle to specify and supply the right IT for your business. With an experienced and dedicated Account manager you can look forward to dealing with someone with your business interests at heart.

As you would expect, our customer satisfaction ratings are of the highest standards. We pride ourselves on our expertise and professional service. Our logistics capability meets even the most stringent customer requirements - from same-day and next-day delivery to the complex system roll outs that are the mark of larger IT refresh cycles. We offer products that are essential to every business and also offer often hard to source items within tight timeframes. If you need something "right-now", ring us for a quote and your required delivery time.

And for the simpler demands there's always the ICTStore. With thousands of products from hundreds of vendors, it's easy to find the product to meet your needs. And more to the point, the prices are extremely competitive.

For more information contact us today to see how we can help resolve your business issues.