Schools (Primary & Secondary)

SchoolsWith a history of delivering ICT into the education sector for over eighteen years we have become proficient at identifying the real needs and requirements of Schools.

Often the initial request for quotation will be examined and revised several times over to create a future proofed solution which better utilises the limited available budget.

Our dedicated Schools account managers have skills to enable them to give sound, expert advice on the latest technological advances, helping to create bespoke solutions, maximising the investment in ICT and improving the teaching and learning environment.

Computerworld Wales is dedicated to working with key strategic players, advisory bodies and educational specialists from the schools sector in order to ensure we adhere to the latest standards and promote acknowledged best practices to our schools end users. Coupled with this is our ability to provide innovative and flexible solutions to promote new ways of working designed to meet the specific needs of each and every school.

We work with you to ensure the ICT infrastructure will support and enhance learning, teaching and administrative tasks. We place the emphasis on the requirements of the user. Learners and educators need high quality resources to support them in their learning and teaching and administrators and institution managers need to be able to use ICT resources that allow them to undertake their work efficiently and effectively. However, within the scope of these processes, our flexibility in adapting to last minute changes in technical requirements, along with our ability to cope with the pressure of timescales for delivery in the schools sector; taking into account exceptional demand for implementation in the summer, Easter, Christmas and half term holiday periods.