Independent Schools

SchoolsThe majority of schools in the Independent sector are run as either small businesses or charitable trusts. Having worked for many years with Schools in the Independent sector Computerworld Wales recognises that those in charge are constantly facing a dilemma.

On the one hand government funding schemes and allocations do not apply and as such every penny must be accounted for and spent wisely. Conversely, substantial fees are paid on a term or annual structure and on this basis parents expect the very best of everything for their children.

A third challenge laid at the door of Independent Schools is the Academic ethos of years gone by; i.e. if the establishment has produced straight A students for the last four hundred years without ICT, what is the argument for investment in it now?

Computerworld Wales is dedicated to providing complementary ICT solutions which enhance traditional teaching and learning methods rather than replacing them. We work with staff and teachers to integrate their strength of knowledge and traditional teaching skills with ICT ,equipping pupils for the modern world of Technology they will encounter when they leave school.

Our dedicated education team specialises in defining bespoke solutions for schools in the Independent sector with these challenges in mind. We also work continually to encourage manufacturers to provide extra 'pricing support' in recognition of the demands in this sector. Our aim is always to ensure that the solution provided is of 'business quality' whilst recognising that budgets need to be kept under control.
Given our knowledge of this sector we are also happy to offer flexible payment terms to allow investments in ICT to coincide with the fee payment schedule.