Higher Education

Higher EducationOver the last eighteen years Computerworld Wales has seen significant changes within the Higher Education sector and we have worked closely with our key partners along the way to ensure our solutions continue to meet the  demands placed HE establishments.

Huge changes have occurred in terms of revised funding policies and a fundamental turnaround in viewpoint with the stance that students are now essentially highly demanding customers. Students can afford to be extremely selective in the University they choose to attend, making the competition fierce between Universities to attract the best calibre and required quota of students.

We engage at all levels within the University ICT structure to ensure we fully understand the demands on both the technical and procurement departments. A classic current example of a growing demand on the technical requirement is the additional security and access control required due the growth in students having their own laptops, printers etc.

At the same time procurement targets, aimed at proven best value, are also key elements in the decision making process of your choice of supplier. Computerworld Wales is proud to be authorised supplier on the Value Wales Framework providing the best pricing and service to all HE clients in a number of market sectors.
The experience we have built up through close association with key industry players within the education sector and in particular within the HE sector, over a significant period of time, gives us the necessary depth of knowledge to advise and consult with customers; and confidently adapt policies and design systems to deal with the ever changing environment.

Many, if not all, Universities constantly strive to find solutions that strike a balance between low budgetary impact and appropriate functionality for their educational environment. We work with organisations to overcome these challenges in line with the environmental issues that must be addressed and the imperative of sustainable solutions.

There are currently two key areas affecting the HE sector for which we have implemented solutions to address these concerns; namely PC estate refresh, single or multi campus, and server consolidation with mass storage.

We have a variety of innovative solutions implemented into the HE sector and we are always looking  at emerging technologies with in Computerworld Wales to ensure we bring to the table the best of what is on offer.